Well hello, color!


We survived Stella's snowy wrath this week!  With Pantone naming Greenery--a refreshing, pert shade of green--Color of the Year for 2017 and Spring with all its abundance of bright blooms right around the corner, now is a great time to say "hello" to color again.  In recent years, neutrals, and among those particularly white and gray, have predominated.  But color across the spectrum is having a major moment in design, and it looks like color will have staying power.  I love neutrals and monochromatic interiors, but I  have to admit I am excited about the return of some vibrance to interiors.

At showrooms, in shelter magazines, and in design blogs, I am seeing a profusion of sumptuous jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red. Bright, playful orange and fuchsia are popping up and sunny yellow is peeking out.  But so, too, are more muted shades like sage and blush.  

There truly is a hue out there for everyone.  And the use of color is not being limited to just one room.  Bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and offices are all coming alive with color.  Even kitchens are getting in on the game.  All white cabinets are giving way to cabinets painted a bold navy or malachite green.  And while I will probably always be a huge fun of classic white subway tiles, I am appreciating backsplashes quite literally being splashed with color.

Luckily, the reappearance of color in all of its bold, bright beauty this year does not mean that homeowners need to overhaul their entire design scheme.  The white and gray that have anchored many beautiful homes in the last few years provide the perfect neutral canvas for bringing in a burst of color.  For instance, in the kitchen you do not need to call up a cabinet refinisher and commit to color on your cabinets (even though I am currently mad about the trend to paint at least some cabinets a rich, deep navy).  Instead, bring in color with fresh--always fresh--flowers on your island or kitchen table, a beautiful rug on the floor, and a bowl of fruit (citrus colors look striking in an all white space).

Here is a neutral gray and white kitchen I updated that benefits from the pop of color we brought in with a small, inexpensive arrangement of yellow tulips.

FullSizeRender-14 copy 7.jpg

 And how striking is this centerpiece of bright green fruit?

I adore dhurries in the kitchen, but any easy to clean carpet would work well.  Using interesting runners and areas rugs with enticing texture and bold patterns are a great way to add color to the kitchen.  Look in your refrigerator's produce drawer for inspiration if you aren't sure what color to use.  If you are ready to invest a bit more, you could introduce color with new window treatments or new upholstery on bar stools or kitchen chairs.  In a coastal kitchen I am currently designing, we kept our canvas neutral but incorporated color with cheerful window treatments and bar stools and a banquet upholstered in vivid fuschia:

FullSizeRender-14 copy 6.jpg

 We will also likely accessorize the space with some pops of color--probably yellow and/or green.   

You can introduce color with accessories in the other rooms of your house, too.  The family room below would be all neutral but for the few accessories introducing some coral and green and some fresh florals.  The room is beautiful either way.  And if you tire of color, it is a simple matter of packing away a few pillows, throws, and maybe a piece or two of artwork whenever you are ready to return to a more neutral space.  

Wishing you a very colorful spring.  Until next time,





Leslie Toran